• To make the society aware of their socio, economic, political educational, cultural conditions and their rights.
    • To liberate the rural people from poverty, illiteracy and unemployment.
    • To give knowledge on health and hygiene and aware of their environment and pollution.
    • To train the farmers in new methods of cultivation and alternative works.
    • To empower the rural women and train them in income generating works through SHG.
    • To train the girls to learn more income generating handicrafts and educate them in health and hygiene.
    • To train the boys in skill training
    • To educate the evils of drinking, smoking, HIV and AIDs.
    • To provide the drop outs remedial education and train them in some skills.
    • To train and educate the gypsy children and gypsy women.
    • To help the rural children to get higher education through special coaching classes.